Alonso Montis Forteza

  • Degree in Law by the University of the Balearic Islands from year 2011.
  • Member of the Bar Association of the Balearic Islands since 2011.
  • Erasmus at the Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany, 2008-2009.
  • Centre for international education at the State University of Moscow in 2012. (ЦМО Lomonosov)
Areas of practice:
Real State Law +
  • Foreign investments.
  • Obtaining a Foreigners’ Identity Number (N.I.E.).
  • Contract of option right of purchase.
  • Verification of mortgages and registered owner.
  • Real estate purchase/sale and rental.
  • Breaches of contracts.
  • Verification and discharge of mortgage burdens (mortgages, ground rents, forced heir’s rights, etc.).
  • Assistance for obtaining mortgages.
  • Assistance and translation at Notary.
  • Modification of utilities (electricity, water, communications with the community of owners, etc.).
  • House or premises rental contracts.
  • Evictions, claims for damages or amounts.
  • Cancellations of contracts.
  • Negotiations.
Civil Law +
  • Liabilities.
  • Rentals and condominium.
  • Contractual and extracontractual civil liability.
  • Negligence liability.
  • Protection of honour, privacy and image.
  • Inheritance Law and planning.
  • Claims for unpaid debts.
  • Real property rights.
  • Consumers rights.
Family Law +
  • Divorce.
  • Separation.
  • Marriage annulment.
  • Division of marital property.
  • Modification of the divorce settlement agreements.
  • Enforcement.
  • Children’s and adult’s rights (grandparent visits, etc.).
  • Legal disability.
Procedure Law, Arbitration and Mediation +
  • Representation and defence before all Jurisdictions.
  • Arbitration.
  • Conciliations and mediations.
  • Enforcement of foreign judgements.
  • Family, commercial, labour and bankruptcy mediation.
Administrative Law and Town Planning +
  • Municipal licences (construction, activities, etc.).
  • Court procedures against the public administration.
  • Disciplinary proceedings.
  • House legalisation.
Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, German and Russian.

Tel: (+34) 971 228 140
Mob: (+34) 697 770 477


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